Thursday, 1 August 2013

Africans are doomed

The Zimbabwean elections show clearly that Africans have no understanding of politics, Maths, or logic. For the first time Mugabe allowed free and possibly fair elections based on Fraudulence regarding the voters roll. The so called opposition, which should have understood simple equations, should have gone into the elections on a single ticket. It was clear that when opposition is fragmented ZANU PF remains the biggest single party. Also clear that Welshman Ncube is a senior ZANU PF member. Any votes he takes end up being ZANU votes. Simba Makoni is also ZANU PF. any votes he takes end up as ZANU PF. Mugabe is possibly the most able politician in all of southern Africa. He knows the foolishness of these new politicians and knows how to exploit it efficiently. Meantime the country is threatened with going back to bush economics run by the likes of Gono who has amassed a huge fortune for himself and those around him at the expense of the foolish man on the street scrapping two cents here and there, yet voting in ZANU PF to perpetuate the same conditions. The health service is dead The Road system is dead and killing people The schools are dead The agricultural sector is Dead The civil service is dead The police service is corrupt to the core The army is corrupt Tourism industry is disabled. Private sector lacks investment. Zimbabwe is in intensive care, along with more than 30 African countries which can only boast being colonised by the Chinese in the last two decades. Africa is a very sad story.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Why is the UK copying Zimbabwe all the time. 1 Zimbabwe introduced ID cards for all citizens. UK has been experimenting with personal ID cards in the recent past. 2 Zimbabwe hospitals have been neglecting patients for a few years now. UK hospitals are in the news for doing exactly that lately. 3 Zimbabwe had a coalition government on 2009. UK followed with its own soon after that. 4 Zimbabwe reached record inflation by printing money for 9 years from 2000. UK did the same lately and called it Quantitative Easing 5 Zimbabwe got its broadcasters and politicians abuse its children free of police arrests. UK got its Pakistani immigrants abuse its children free of arrests. 6 Zimbabwe has always allowed its rich ZANU PF members to loot the country more and more. UK this year allowed its Millionaires to increase their assets by 37% amid record economic slump and at the expense of the common person. Most millionaires are Conservative Party members. 7 Zimbabwe has had mass unemployment for years. UK has just accepted mass unemployment as a good option. The Prime Minister argues for it regularly. 8 Mugabe has a habit of changing electoral constituent boundaries when he thinks ZANU PF might lose a seat. David Cameron desperately wanted to change boundaries but was stopped by his Coalition partner. 9 Mugabe is on record as saying it is easier to control poor people’s votes. Cameron is now desperate to make many poorer for the same reason. 10 Mugabe is always on a plane to some place or other outside his own country. Cameron has been a keen air traveller since he came into power. 11 In Zimbabwe, Matebeleland has come out and asked to be its own country. In Scotland the politicians there have seriously asked to have Scotland as an independent country. 12 In 2006 Zimbabwe announced that there was a record number of pot holes on its roads since they had not been repaired since the white man left in 1980. On hearing this, the UK announced in 2011 that it had a record number of potholes on its roads. 13 In Zimbabwe in the 1990s, the people decided that virginity was no longer necessary for marriage. In the UK they are making sure virginity is removed before dating starts. 14 Zimbabwean police always go out and create road blocks for a few days over Christmas to get extra income from charging for passing a road block. The UK police have started doing the same now although they have not yet started charging. 15 Zimbabwean jails have always been over-subscribed by people said to be criminals, but in fact are opposition members Since Conservatives came into power, the UK jails hold more than they were built for. 16 The Zimbabwe government has targeted teachers for poor pay for many years. Since 2009, UK teachers have had next to nothing pay rises and have had their pension value cut while their workload has increased. 17 In Zimbabwe the cost of travel has increased while quality of services and safety have both decreased. In UK the cost of travel has increased dramatically over the last two years, while the services have become poorer. 18 In Zimbabwe the government took advantage of the changing currency in 2009 to boost income for its parastatals such as Electricity supply, water supply, etc. In UK the cost of these has gone up by a huge margin over the last two years. 19 In the early 2000s Zimbabwe brought in the media control regulations. Since then the UK has been examining them very closely. In 2012 all three biggest UK parties spent a lot of time discussing media controls and they want to enact new laws to regulate the press to make sure freedom of speech is an offence under the law. They have already made certain speeches unlawful, for example, you are not allowed to talk against Gay people, or directly read Leviticus 18:22, or Leviticus 20:13 during a sermon in a church, as that would constitute a hate speech, which is a prisonable offence for which your own congregation would report you to the police. All Zimbabweans are just waiting to hear the UK announce that they are following in Zimbabwe’s footsteps on media controls. It will be the biggest example Zimbabwe has ever given to the United Kingdom. In a way, the fact that all parties are in favour means our example has already been accepted. There are many more examples of UK looking up to Zimbabwe for inspiration. Just before the UK general election, President Mugabe is on record as having said he was hoping David Cameron would win the election. The reasons are clear now. Viva Mr Cameron. Pamberi naVaKameroni! Pamberi nokubatana!!. Pasi nezvimbwasungata zvomuBNP ne UKIP.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mugabe and me, "survivers"

Looks like Mugabe and me keep going against all the odds. Who would have thought either of us would see 2013, which is now only a few days away? Mugabe has been approved by his party as the next candidate for the next general elections. he will run for president against the much younger Morgan Tsvangirai. The nation is ready for elections which usually come complete with violence, intimidation, rapes, beatings, and disappearing s, all of which are designed to persuade the nation to vote for Mugabe's ZANU PF. I can predict that Mugabe will win the next election and will use whatever means to do so. Zimbabwe is not yet ready for a new president.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Zimbabwe and STIs

The foolishness of government sponsored circumcision of boys is continuing in Zimbabwe. Now they are talking about mutilating little babies in case the become promiscuous when they are a bit older. Its a big shame how grown men and women think.They waste money on spurious projects. Stop wanton unprotected sex and crack this spread of STIs. Who is going to protect women from STI, if men are protected by circumcision? Women are more likely to catch HIV than men, and we all know its men who spread it in Zim. So what are women going to do about it? Mass testing is the only viable answer but the government has no balls to do that because the legislators would have to be tested too. Ibola has broken out in Uganda. I would like to see if the government there will wait for 30 years before mutilating little babies in the name of prevention. Ibola and HIV are both transmissible through sex. All humans that were born were born after their parents had sex, so why mess about. We all know what sex is so test everyone who is over 15. Give them a green card if negative and a red card if positive. Arrest and test anyone with no card after a year. Test all people entering the country. Re-test everyone annually. This will be seen to be the only way eventually. South Africa should be thinking about this method now Swaziland should be thinking about this method now Botswana should be thinking about this method now Namibia should be thinking about this method now Zambia should be thinking about this method now Mozambique should be thinking about this method now Malawi should be thinking about this method now Kenya should be thinking about this method now Angola should be thinking about this method now Haiti should be thinking about this method now That covers the countries with this problem. Notice they are all black.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cause of death in Zim

I notice that most people still do not like to say what the cause of death is in Zim. We all know the look of an HIV patient and what happens in the period leading to death, but still we are told about cancers, malaria, typhoid, cholera, headaches, poisoning, etc. Anything but the truth. When I die, I like whoever tell people to clearly say HIV was a big factor in my death and tell those listening how I got it and how it can be avoided. Thus especially if I do not reach 35.

I have just come back from Zim and its as if nothing has changed.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

The difficult financial month, January

We are in January. The resolutions have already failed. Last month's earnings have already been spent and there is not enough food in the houses. The children look unfed. The smiles are gone. The parents are looking forward to month end. The sex worker rates have been lowered because of competition.

Anywhere else business for sex workers would be at a minimum, but here, in Southern Africa sex workers are keeping an eye on the month end too. Those men who have no food at home, whose wives are worried about what to feed the children, can screw on credit. When they eventually earn, the sex workers will earn too. The practice keeps the trade going even in hard financial times.

However, fewer practitioners can afford condoms. Wives are at higher risk during January.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

If you are living with HIV, a silly way of saying you have HIV, then its good you have seen Christmas 2011. Many came close but failed to see Christmas, like my friend who died on Tuesday 20th December in Zimbabwe. She left a 12 year old child behind. The dad had already died four years ago of the same. It was him who brought HIV into the home.

If you are free of HIV, note that a larger number of people catch it over Christmas than at any other time. This is more so for married women whose husband come home (rural home) having been in towns where they work and live without their wives. What life-changing gift are you getting from your husband this Christmas?

Bacterial Vaginosis
Genital Herpes
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Human Papilloma Virus (Genital Warts)
Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV)
Pubic Lice (Crabs)
Yeast Infections

or a good celebration of of Christmas, free from threats and fear.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2012. A lot can happen before 2012 but we have a good chance of seeing it now.